How to engage a younger audience?


How to engage a younger audience?

Are you struggling to engage with millennials? Tailoring the perfect marketing message and strategy to reach out to these hard-to-get young working adults is so important, and we reveal one way that has been working well for us.


Why Quizzes you say?

Quizzes are fun, engaging, addictive and made for social media sharing. It’s also an excellent way to sell your brand subtly.

It’s no secret that social media is now one of the biggest tools that companies use to drive brand awareness and engage their targeted audience.
Unless you haven’t used social media in a while, you probably noticed that quizzes have been trending on your newsfeed and that people just seem to love sharing their results.

Quizzes have been present in the online scene for some time now, but in recent years they have taken off and brought about a new wave of content sharing.

When Quizzes meet Marketing

Quizzes are incredibly shareable. They are fun, interactive and speak to our natural curiosity, making them likely to engage users through to completion. When we launched our first quiz on Be Asia, the results far exceeded our expectations: it had a completion and a retake rate of 70%.

According to a study conducted by Wildfire, a social marketing platform provider, Quizzes get the most shares and have the highest click-to-conversion rate amongst earned media. For example, 82% of users that clicked on a friend’s Newsfeed post about a quiz they had taken went on to take the quiz themselves.

Of course for quizzes to be share-worthy in the first place, it must be engaging and entertaining.

So how do you create an engaging and entertaining quiz for a specific brand? It’s all about knowing your target audience and choosing a relevant yet “sexy” title to reach out to them.

Case Study

One case study for Be Asia would be with Reebonz Marketplace, Asia Pacific’s leading e-commerce site for buying and selling luxury. What better way to engage with young working adults than a quiz that allows you to find out “Which iconic bag are you?” based on your personality.
These personality quizzes are great because they appeal to our curiosity as to how others see us and how we see ourselves. It also empowers the audience to discover and share defining qualities about themselves.

Hence, it is also important that the questions and results of quizzes are of positive personality traits. People like to keep a good public persona of themselves on social media and showcase themselves in the best light.

quiz Reebonz

What else can you expect from it?

As a result, relatable content that endorses and reinforces positive and favourable character traits are highly valuable to the quiz taker, making it much more likely that she will share the result.
Lastly, quizzes are a great way for us to gather data and create audience profiles in a way that is natural for our readers. The questions asked are a valuable form of audience research, allowing us to know more about the audience who took the quiz.

Successful quizzes drive results that are personal, relatable and shareable for your audiences, which would in turn help develop and build engagement and loyalty from them.

quiz Reebonz

Time to get quizzical!

Which cocktail are you?
Which iconic bag are you?
Which Singapore neighbourhood should you live in?

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Clarissa Lim

Clarissa Lim