In-depth look at Shoppable Videos


In-depth look at Shoppable Videos

So in our last edition, we’ve introduced shoppable pictures and how to bring online content marketing to a whole new different level.

Today, we bring to you yet another shoppable online content – Shoppable Videos.

Videos have always been a way to engage with consumers that may overlook content that was conveyed through static imagery like online banners. The next step would without a doubt be to make these experiences shoppable.

By creating shoppable content, forward-thinking brands are actually taking steps to reduce the friction between the content produced and the purchasing process. This could be the key to bringing the conversion rate higher for brands.

Kissmetrics also reported that viewers are anywhere but 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video.

Here at Be Asia and Marie France Asia, our team is able to not only help produce fun and engaging videos, we also make them interactive and shoppable.

Through interactive buttons placed onto various parts of the video, these buttons will prompt a lightbox to appear (while the video pauses) and allow online retailers to link the product straight to their online retail store to allow users to add the item straight into their shopping bags.

There are other ways to do it. We are also able to embed a video onto video, a window that shares more information about the product or the brand.

Please feel free to contact us to help you with the following:

• Create your own shoppable experience/video

At Reworld Media, we are able to help you create your own shoppable experience from either an existing video or to produce one from scratch. We are able to do everything from the conceptualisation to the video production and amplification.

• Link to products

The next step would be to identify the products that you want to feature in the video and we’ll provide the hotspots? callout links? to link viewers to the URL that you want. Usually, we would recommend to having it linked to your product page so it has lesser steps for customers to purchase it right away.

Creating memorable and interesting content, especially where the user is able to interact through moving images is a fantastic way for online retailers to strengthen the number of repeat visits and build on their brand.

Here are 2 case studies that our counterpart in France has worked on:

1) Nocibé

• 2 shoppable makeup tutorials inside the Christmas special dedicated category. Each hot point of the video redirects to the e-shop of Nocibé:

Holiday makeup tutorial: Sexy smoky eyes

Tutorial: A glam makeup to celebrate

• Results:
Video Fully Played Rate: 85%
CTR on the hot points: 5%

2) Tara Jarmon

• 1 shoppable video inside the Christmas special dedicated category. Each hot point of the video opens a pop-in window and then redirects to the e-shop of French fashion retailer Tara Jarmon:

marie france & Tara Jarmon: A street outfit delivered in one click!

• Results:
Video Fully Played Rate: 98%
CTR on the hot points: 8.6%

Why not be the first few to ride on this trend with us here in Asia? Feel free to contact us today.

Clarissa Lim

Clarissa Lim