How to carve out a niche for a female digital magazine in a saturated market?

Mathilde Thommeret

How to carve out a niche for a female digital magazine in a saturated market?

For the third edition of our newsletter, we sat down with the Managing Editor of Be Asia – Mathilde Thommeret, and asked the dynamic blonde a few questions about the expansion of the online magazine and her personal favourites.

In slightly over a year of presence in South East Asia, Be Asia has since gathered a faithful readership and recently won Gold for the Best Website by a Media Owner at the The Spark Awards 2016. This is the perfect opportunity to get personal with Mathilde Thommeret, who has been managing the editorial strategy and small team of the online magazine from the start.

Reworld Media: Could you tell us a little more about what makes Be Asia stand out amongst the other digital publications here in Asia?

Mathilde Thommeret: We were born online, so the whole team is focused on creating engaging content for our website. For us digital is not an afterthought like it can be for some print magazines. From our content to the website itself, everything is optimized to give our readers the best online experience which is probably why Be Asia won Best Website by a media owner at The Spark Awards 2016. One of the keys is also to find your own voice while staying relevant and current. 

Why do you think Be Asia is popular among your readers in Asia?

Be is about making fashion and beauty seriously fun; We always try not to take ourselves too seriously or dictate to our readers a way of doing things. And on a daily basis, our audience comes first; we’re not creating content just to attract potential advertisers. Another point is our “K-Wave” category, which regroups all the content about Korea and is extremely popular among our readers. From beauty to fashion or even social media, we’re always on the lookout for the next South Korean trend.


Looking back over your time as the Managing Editor of Be Asia, what do you think was your most successful/favourite piece that you have published?

We currently have 2,558 articles, so it’s pretty challenging to pick one, but my favourite piece on Be Asia, even though I didn’t write it, is about how the female characters of the TV show Friends have predicted all the 2015 fashion trends. You can read the article here.

What’s coming in 2017?

We’re currently working on developing more shoppable content, be it videos or images, as well as exclusive editorial photoshoots presented through an engaging and innovative digital layout, to improve our readers’ experience with Be.

To end this on a lighter note, we decided to do some quick fire questions to get to know Mathilde just a little better.

Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram
Movies or TV Series? TV Series
Chocolate or Matcha? Chocolate all-day, everyday
Statement Bag or Statement Shoes? Statement shoes
Pink or Blue? Pink
Beach Holiday or City Holiday? Beach holiday or nature holiday since I’m originally from the countryside
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
Coffee of Tea? Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon
France or Singapore? Singapore’s sunset with France’s bread and wine, can?

Clarissa Lim

Clarissa Lim