How to make use of content and data

How to make use of content and data?

We understand that these days, most companies see that there is a constant need for instant results. Therefore, many would not want to invest in

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How to get your desired target audience group to sample your beauty products?

Whether you are launching a new product or you are looking at expanding your market penetration, product sampling is an efficient way to catch t

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Mathilde Thommeret

How to carve out a niche for a female digital magazine in a saturated market?

For the third edition of our newsletter, we sat down with the Managing Editor of Be Asia – Mathilde Thommeret, and asked the dynamic blond

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In-depth look at Shoppable Videos

So in our last edition, we’ve introduced shoppable pictures and how to bring online content marketing to a whole new different level. Today, w

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Young woman using laptop on bed

How to increase your product reviews in the shortest time?

It is a fact that e-commerce stores with product reviews increase their conversion rates by 18% but we know how challenging it can be to encoura

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How to engage a younger audience?

Are you struggling to engage with millennials? Tailoring the perfect marketing message and strategy to reach out to these hard-to-get young work

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how to shoppable picture

Have you heard of Shoppable Picture?

Having always created and distributed editorial style content for fashion brands, our team from Europe went a step further and created a solutio

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